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I have written, directed, edited and co-produced four short films and written five feature-length screenplays. My first feature film, comedy-drama Selective Listening, which was made in collaboration with producer Miriam Rodriguez, proved our ability to make engaging and entertaining productions on a very modest budget.

My aim is to create outstanding films that give creative and financial success to everyone involved. As part of which, working hard to get a script as good as it can be is imperative – you don't build your home on quicksand

I love the entire filmmaking process – from concept and script development, through casting, the challenge and thrill of being on-set to see ideas come to life and every aspect of post-production. I value contributions from those I trust and I like to surround myself with talented, enthusiastic professionals. A great film is possible when such people combine their efforts to produce a unique vision and I can't wait to get more out there!

I am available for features, music promos, commercials and high-end corporate work.

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